Other Sites

  • Standard Process - Standard Process is devoted to improving the quality of life
    by providing the safest, most effective, highest quality dietary supplements
    through health care professions.  On the site, you can find research papers and
    informational tab sheets about their line of whole food supplements and herbal
    products. These products are available to our clients through our office.
  • Weston A Price Foundation - Independent and accurate information on diet
    and health. They support traditional food diets, organic farming, pastured
    livestock, community-supported farms, honest and informative labeling,
    prepared parenting and nurturing therapies.
  • Worst Pills - Informational website on the side effects of medications.  Public
    citizen/health Research Group.
  • Space Doc - Dr. Duane Graveline, MD is a former astronaut, aerospace medical
    research scientist, flight surgeon and family doctor. His informational site is a
    compilation of information about the side effects of medications.
  • Thyroid Info -A up-to-date website on much of the current medical research done
    on thyroid disease.  A great resource for anyone dealing with thyroid issues.


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