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Emotional Stages of EnergyAs you consider your journey, where on this chart do you see yourself living at the moment?  Is that different than a month ago?  A year ago? This chart highlights a progression of emotional states that impact our lives in the form of stress.  I define stress as the energetic interpretation of reality.  Have you [...]
#11- Health of Future GenerationsHealth of Future Generations Traditional cultures make provisions for the health of future generations by providing special nutrient-rich animal foods for parents-to-be, pregnant women and growing children; by proper spacing of children; and by teaching the principles of healthy diets to the young. This is a fascinating area of nutrition overlapping into anthropology, sociology and [...]
#10- Soup Stock and Bone BrothsSoup Stocks & Bone Broths All traditional cultures make use of animal bones, usually in the form of gelatin-rich bone broths.  With the weather cooling, I love to make chicken and beef stock to use for soups, sauces, risotto and anything else I can imagine!  It is important to note that stock is just a [...]

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What our clients are saying

I came into this Vitality series really cranky, feeling sorry for myself, unappreciated and abused by my family. Now, today, when I look back I’m not feeling unappreciated/undervalued any more. My motivation is now clear. For my family I want to create opportunities, I want to create moments that I can treasure. I believe it important.

This whole series has been tremendous. I began to feel optimistic. I appreciated the chance just to sit aside time and just think about me. I found the time delicious. Those sorts of paradigms are not ones I love doing because I think I recoil a little but about being pegged. I think what made it easier to track what Elizabeth was talking about with this paradigm was the whole notion of people are not static, you’re not stuck in one place. So I really appreciated the freedom that came from seeing the numbers, the bars, the diamonds, and the circles. They represented a picture and I took it as an invitation to look at that picture.

Mary Ellen Lehman

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