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PURIFI Resources

Emotional Stages of Energy

Emotional Stages of Energy

As you consider your journey, where on this chart do you see yourself living at the moment?  Is that different than a month ago?  A year ago? This chart highlights a progression of emotional states that …


#11- Health of Future Generations

Health of Future Generations Traditional cultures make provisions for the health of future generations by providing special nutrient-rich animal foods for parents-to-be, pregnant women and growing children; by proper spacing of children; and by teaching the …

chicken stock

#10- Soup Stock and Bone Broths

Soup Stocks & Bone Broths All traditional cultures make use of animal bones, usually in the form of gelatin-rich bone broths.  With the weather cooling, I love to make chicken and beef stock to use for …

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What our clients are saying

“We considered ourselves healthy eaters—my husband is a marathon runner and focuses on healthy lifestyle—so we really thought we were doing okay. The testing and process really opened our eyes.”

Glenda, 54

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